I drove up to a vacant house I have listed for sale in NE Portland this past week and noticed someone looking in the back door and someone looking in the front window.

Since the house is Pending and set to close in two weeks and the weather was nice, I figured it was the new buyers just wanting to hang out at their new house.  By the time I parked, the two people had gone in the front door, I got out of the car and walked into the house as well.   I called “Hello” into the house and finally met them coming up from the basement.

After a brief conversation,  it turns out they were not the buyers but random people looking at the house.  They said the door was open so they just came in.   I asked them to leave, and explained it was not ok just to enter the house.   I guess someone had left the front door unlocked.  If you are an agent, buyer, or just someone looking at a house please make sure you double check to re-lock all doors and make sure a house is secured before you leave.

On behalf of all agents and sellers working to sell a house.  I say “Thank You”!

If I can help with anything – Call Jeff!

– Brady Faist | 24/7 Property Management