Real Estate Market Report

August by the Numbers

  • Portland Area Months of Inventory: 2.0
  • Portland Area Avg. Sales Price: $429,000
  • YTD Average Sales Price increased: 9.3%
  • Portland Area Closings decreased: 8.6%
  • Portland Area New listings decreased: 3.7%
  • Average market time: 34 days

Lack of homes for sale weighs on Portland-area real estate market

A short supply of homes for sale is stifling activity in the Portland-area real estate market.

Despite a competitive environment where certain homes are still attracting several offers, sales for the year through August have dropped 2.7 percent compared with 2016, according to new numbers from the Regional Multiple Listing Service.

The number of sales contracts in August, for deals that would close later in the year, were down 7.6 percent, leaving little room for a rebound.

But even as sales wane, prices continue to rise. The median price for a home sold last month August was $385,000, up 9.1 percent from a year earlier.

That suggests the sales slump is due in large part to a stubbornly low inventory of homes, and especially in lower price tiers.

“There’s not enough to look at,” said Israel Hill, a managing broker with John L. Scott Real Estate in Northeast Portland. “When you break down the price points, you find anything under $500,000, the inventory is even more shockingly low.”

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Source: oregonlive.com

Rental Market Report

Rental News

Portland Oregon Rental Update – More Supply is helping Renters

Following the last recession, it was clear that building was far behind schedule, thankfully we’ve seen more new construction starts over recent years and many of those properties in Portland Oregon are finally coming to the market thus easing rent stagnation.

Recent analysis shows us that the pace of new construction is currently meeting and or exceeding demand and what’s even better is that there are currently more than 25,000 new apartments under construction in the Portland Oregon area but could regulations kill the positive growth that we’ve enjoyed here in the last four years?

Even that tsunami of supply, however, is not enough to put a smile on the economist’s face. “The big uncertainty in the years ahead will be whether the policies the city has enacted (inclusionary zoning) and others that it is considering (rent control) will choke off future investment in local housing supply,” Cortright concludes. “Once the current inventory of permitted housing is built (and much of it was permitted just prior to the new inclusionary requirements taking effect), it’s far from clear that developers will find Portland as attractive a marketplace for new apartments as it has been in the past few year.

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Source: Oregonlive

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September Homework

Trim Shrubbery Away From The House

As we head into Fall and Winter, it is a great time to check around the exterior of your home and make sure it is ready for Winter. Make sure to trim back trees and shrubs that have encroached on the house. The general rule is to keep all vegetation at least 12 inches from the house so that nothing is touching the exterior. This helps to minimize the chances for dry rot, mold and mildew, damage to the paint, and problems with pests. At the same time, check around the exterior for peeling paint and cracks in the caulking. It is a great idea to get these things repaired which will help extend the life of your home and improve the value of your investment.

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Getting Involved with our Community


The mission of DONATION HOUSE is to create revenue and support for non-profit organizations that serve our communities and make a positive impact on people around the world. When a non-profit organization refers real estate business to a DONATION HOUSE business partner, they agree to return 10% of the proceeds back to the non-profit organization.

Recent contributions have been made to the following:

For more information please visit: Sell a Home, Save a Child and Forward Edge International.