Jeff Edmondson

Local | Genuine | Experienced | Builder | Broker

I love real estate.   I bought my first fixer house in 1994, four months after graduating from Whitworth University and I have never looked back.  With a background in real estate investing and construction, I truly understand houses and real estate deals, and that experience helps me serve clients at a very high level.  I became a licensed broker in 2008, then two years later, started 24/7 Properties to help buyers, sellers, and investors grow their wealth through real estate.     I live in Tualatin with my wife, three kids, eight sheep, four goats, two chickens, and a cat.  I love the mini farm, the outdoors, fishing, spending time with family, and I really enjoy working when it revolves around real estate.  I love God and desire to bring glory to Him with my life 24/7.

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